• Rock Amadeus  by Paul Algueseva, III
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors  by Thomas Lytle
  • Sunrise at Osa  by Ralph Iaccarino
  • Bromeliad Opticus  by Ralph Iaccarino
  • Twenty Nine Proven Areas of Compatibility  by Skip Willits
  • Can Opener  by Jan Rorhem
  • Cave  by David Rose
  • Back Street of LeClaire  by Tom Hempel
  • Farm Scene  by Tom Hempel
  • Falstaff  by Bill Hannon
  • Matchstick Man  by Dusty Hanson
  • Schooling 3  by Emily Christenson
  • Fire & Ice  Maeve Erickson
  • Wind  by Jay Stratton
  • Second Chance at Last Chance Creek  by Edward Avila
  • Seeing Everything  by Edward Avila
  • Fossil Long Submerged  Aaron Coleman
  • An Intense Revelation  by Aaron Coleman
  • Cloud  by Michael Payne
  • Duet  by Michael Payne
  • Humo the Robot  by Terry Rathje
  • Wind Dance  by Dawn Wohlford-Metallo
  • Double Ferris Wheel  by Thomas C. Jackson
  • What It Takes  by Terry Rathje

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