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Library Card Application - Under Age 13

  1. You will receive your child's card within 10 business days. If there is a problem with your application, a Circulation Services staff member will notify you as soon as possible.
  2. I am the parent/legal guardian of a child under the age of 13, and*
  3. Non-Moline residents are ineligible to apply.
  4. Applicant must be under 13 years old. For parents or guardians applying on behalf of their child, please use Library Card Application - Ages 13 and Older.
  5. How would you like receive notices for available holds or overdue items?*
  6. I will obey all rules and regulations of the Library, pay fines for any lost or damaged items borrowed on my card, and give immediate notice of change of address. *
  7. I understand that the Illinois Library Records Confidentiality Act (75 ILCS 70) prohibits library employees from sharing information with parents or legal guardians about what children have checked out or requested from the library.*
  8. By providing my email address, I agree that I will receive occasional email communication from the Moline Public Library. *
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  9. To activate this card as the applying parent/legal guardian, I will present valid photo ID and proof of residency at the Moline Public Library AND have the child present. *
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