Moline Library Gardens

Welcome to a new chapter in the story of the Moline Public Library – a chapter that envisions an extraordinary outdoor space that will redefine the way our community connects and learns.  

We invite you to be part of the journey by contributing to the Moline Library Gardens.

Why Give to the Moline Library Gardens?

Imagine a space where the joy of reading under the open sky meets the thrill of discovery amidst nature’s beauty. Your support for the Moline Library Gardens goes beyond bricks and benches – it’s an investment in creating an immersive environment that will:

  • Empower Learning: Learning isn’t confined to four walls. The Moline Library Gardens will serve as an extension of library services, offering a unique setting for programs and hands-on activities that will engage all ages and backgrounds.
  • Build Community: Outdoor spaces have the power to bring people together. By contributing, you’re helping us create a community hub where individuals can gather, exchange ideas and build lasting connections.
  • Encourage Well-Being: Being outdoors can be rejuvenating. The Moline Library Gardens will provide a breath of fresh air and a place to unwind. Your support will promote mental well-being for everyone who visits.
  • Inspire Curiosity: Just as books captivate minds, the Moline Library Gardens will captivate hearts with places for relaxation and reading, interactive story walks, public art and beautiful landscaping. Your donation will foster a sense of wonder and ignite a thirst for knowledge.

Moline Library Gardens Stage

Moline Library Gardens Aerial View

Moline Library Gardens with Sculpture in Center

Moline Library Gardens View from 41st Street

Ways You Can Make a Difference

  • Monetary Donations: Your financial contribution, no matter the size, is a significant step toward realizing our vision. Each donation takes us closer to creating an enriching space for all to enjoy.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Showcase your commitment to the Moline Library Gardens by becoming a sponsor. The support of your organization or business will be prominently recognized.
  • Spread the Word: Advocacy is a powerful force. Share the Moline Library Gardens project with your network, inspiring others to join us in creating an outdoor space that nurtures minds and fosters connections.

Be a Part of Building a Bright Future

Your contribution to the Moline Library Gardens is more than a donation – it’s an investment in the future of learning, the community, and well-being.  Together, we’re creating an outdoor space into a realm of possibilities where stories come alive, friendships flourish, and minds are expanded.

Ready to Give?

Thank you for helping us turn this vision into a vibrant reality. Click the button below to make a donation and help us grow the Moline Library Gardens.

For more information on the project or how to donate, please contact Library Director, Bryon Lear at 309-524-2442 or Library Development Director, Callahan Herrig at 309-524-2445.

Naming Opportunities 

As a donor to the Moline Library Gardens, you will be recognized at at a designated naming area based on the adopted feature. Your investment will have a lasting impact that benefits all visitors to the library and residents of the City of Moline.

For inquiries or to request a naming opportunity, please contact Bryon Lear (309-524-2442) or Callahan Herrig (309-524-2445). 

Structures Proposed Available Sold
Main Pavilion and Storage $150,000 1 0
Vestibule Addition $50,000 1 0
Pergola Shade Structure $30,000 2 0
Entrance Sign $10,000 2 0
Donor Recognition Wall $5,000 1 0
Furniture Proposed Available Sold
Table and Chair Set $8,000 10 0
Bench $2,500 0 3
Interactive Feature $2,000 2 0
Litter/Recycle Receptacle $2,000 2 0
Story Loop Panel $500 0 18
Site Features Proposed Available Sold
Event Lawn $50,000 1 0
Raingarden/Bioswale $20,000 1 0
Sensory Garden $10,000 1 0
Butterfly Garden $6,500 0 1
Outcropping Stone $800 8 2
Seat Wall Block $500 17 5
Log Steppers Grouping $500 7 3