Moline Residency

Funding for the Moline Public Library is supplied by property tax revenue from residents of the City of Moline. A portion of the property tax from each household goes to support the Moline Public Library.

Free library cards are available to those residents who pay property tax to the City of Moline. This information can be found on your annual tax bill. If you receive water and trash collection from the City of Moline, you qualify for a free Moline Library card.

Nonresident Cards In order to protect the rights of residents of Moline who pay taxes to support the library, nonresidents will pay for library cards in the same manner as residents. A nonresident is defined as “an individual residing in Illinois who does not have his or her principal residence within a public library service area.” (23 Ill. Adm. Code 3050.10) The Moline Public Library Board of Trustees may adopt an annual fee for borrowing privileges extended to nonresidents of Moline. This fee represents the average annual household tax paid to the Moline Public Library.  The current nonresident card fee is $148.00, as approved by the Board of Trustees on January 10, 2019.  Arrangements can be made with the Library to make payments for the non-resident card fee. Nonresident cards are valid for one year.

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If you are still unsure of your status, please contact the Library by calling 309-524-2440.