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The Reference staff is available to answer your reference questions any time during our hours of operation. Whether you are looking for a particular title, tracking down a statistic, or working on a project for school or work, we're the people to ask.

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General Reference
The reference collection consists of a variety of subject covering areas from arts to zoology and everything in between. It includes almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, indexes, concordances, handbooks, and much more. Reference materials must be used in the library and cannot be checked out. This is to insure that a basic core collection of information is available to everyone at all times. You are free to take reference books out of the reference area, and you are also welcome to photocopy any pages you need. For some titles we may have a duplicate copy or a previous edition that can be checked out. For additional reference sources try these links:


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College, Scholarship, and Career Information

The college and career collection is aimed at students (and their families) choosing schools and job seekers of all ages. The reference collection includes volumes covering undergraduate and graduate schools, private secondary schools, financial aid, scholarships and loans, study abroad, job banks, encyclopedias of careers, and corporate internships. For more career and college information try these sources:

Computer Technology/Training

Consumer Information

Our consumer collection includes a variety of books and magazines to help you make wise choices when buying, selling, maintaining, or repairing the "things" in your life. We have books to help you buy or sell a new or used car, and other that outline strategies for negotiating the best price. We also have the NADA "blue books", which list current market values for cars back to 1979. We are happy to quote you a value over the phone if you know the make, model, mileage, and options of a particular vehicle. We also subscribe to several magazines including: Consumer Reports, Consumers Digest, and Consumers' Research which provides comparisons on many consumer products. For additional consumer information try these sources:


Legal & Government Information

Our collection of legal information includes the Illinois Compiled Statues, United States Code Annotated, National Survey of State Laws and the Moline Code of Ordinances. We also have numerous general reference works on Supreme Court cases, law dictionaries and encyclopedias. Since some of these materials can be rather difficult to decipher, we also have numerous reference books that explain legal topics for the non-lawyer. The library staff cannot interpret the law for you or give you legal advice, but we are happy to provide you with referral information for you to contact legal agencies. We can also refer you to the closest publicly accessible law libraries for information that we do not have in our own collection. For additional legal information try these sources:

Health & Medical Information

Our medical reference collection includes medical dictionaries and encyclopedias, some technical and others for the layperson. We have guides that explain different surgical procedures, prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and medical tests. We also have numerous directories of physicians, medical specialists, and hospitals. For additional medical information try these sources or see our Health Webliography.

Homebound Delivery Service

If you are a resident of Moline and are unable to visit the library due to a long or short term disability, you can register for the Moline Public Library's Books By Mail Program. After completing a brief form about your reading preferences, you will have items deilvered to your home through the mail. Return postage will be provided. You may also make requests for titles or authors that you would like to receive. Registration is simple and subject to program qualificatinos. To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. User must be a Moline resident
  2. Participant must have or obtain a valid Moline Library card
  3. Participant needs to be homebound without mobile relatives or friends living with the patron
  4. Must be willing to abide by the rules governing the delivery and return of items.

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